BirdLife South Africa’s Birding Big Day 2016

Posted on 15th September 2016


BirdLife South Africa’s 32nd Birding Big Day will take place on Saturday 26 November 2016. The
purpose of Birding Big Day is to celebrate the wonderful bird diversity we have in South Africa, to
raise valuable funds for bird conservation, and to raise awareness about BirdLife South Africa’s
important conservation work. In addition, this year we want to showcase BirdLasser, the exciting
mobile application.

This year, we plan to make Birding Big Day bigger and more exciting than ever before. This will be
achieved by:
Partnering with BirdLasser to show the progress of teams during the day on an interactive
Publicising the event widely in social and print media and on radio.
Establish an Operations Centre at Isdell House during the day, where updates on the birds
that have been recorded and progress that the teams have made will be posted to various

Please contact for more information.
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