Qualito Craft Distillery

Posted on 8th February 2020



If you’re on your way to the Kruger Park or exploring the Limpopo area don’t forget that no visit to the region can be considered complete until you’ve taken your taste-buds on Safari through the Qualito Craft Distillery.

It pays to book well in advance because the Qualito experience is becoming incredibly popular. And for very good reason.

First, is a tour of the distillery where you will see how our master distillers shepherd each unique creation meticulously through every step of the craft from “grain to glass” as we say. Then it’s time to take discerning taste-buds on a delightful taste Safari.

Indulge your senses in what we like to call “Ginstronomy”, the art of pairing perfect flavours with our gin. Embark on an epicurean journey to discover how wonderfully Qualito’s world-class hand-bottled Grey Hawk Classic Craft Gin enhances complimentary food flavours to bring out their very best. First acquaint yourself with Grey Hawk Gin itself. Savour the tang of bold traditional juniper enhanced by carefully selected secret botanicals that finish with sweet floral spice, fresh citrus and crisp dry lemon.

Now move on to flavoursome marriages made in heaven. Grey Hawk Gin pairs with subtle cheeses, the smokiness of salmon or the sweet saltiness of oysters as perfectly as a pair of wings. You’ll find Grey Hawk a perfect match for most seafood.

You can even cure seafood with a little Grey Hawk, fresh lemon juice and a dusting of spices. The botanicals found in Grey Hawk will take a wide range of dishes
to a whole new level.

Next on the menu; a delectable interlude with a perfectly balanced pure craft whisky of distinctive quality and exceptional smoothness.
Savour notes of hazelnut and butterscotch.

It’s hard to imagine it can get better but in the company of characterful cheeses like Roquefort sampled from out generous cheeseboard, Heimer becomes a sublime taste experience. Our Heimer Single Grain Craft Whisky enhances salty snacks like crisps, roasted almonds, salted peanuts, biltong and pork crackling. If you fancy something sweeter try chocolate.

The darker the better. The bite of the cacao brings out the finer points of this craft whisky to the fore. Try our Whisky with apple pie and aged white cheddar for taste combination never to be forgotten.

As a desert or digestif enjoy Qualito’s Route 71 Craft Vodka Crush or some of our Craft Vodka Infusions. These are not paired with food because the pairing has been done for you. It’s already in the bottle. Imagine the mouthwatering dusky flavour of sun-ripened watermelon, the unique sweet-and-sour taste of litchi or the rich dark essence of coffee.

No matter if you are heading home or into the Kruger Park remember to take a couple of bottles of your favourite Qualito creations with you. Whichever way you’re headed, rest assured after a visit to the Qualito Craft Distillery,
Sundowners are never going to be the same.

Qualito Craft Distillery
Crafted with Pride. Poured with Pleasure.


The Qualito Experience is a one hour Tour and Tasting Experience.

10 Craft Spirit Tastings per person.

TIMES : 11AM – 6PM Monday to Saturday. Sundays Closed.

Maximum 10 people per group

PRICE : R 100.00 pp [ incl. VAT ]


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